National Motor City - I Ordered $2.00 bills and all I got was this pain in the ***.

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I ordered the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone two dollar bills over the phone and spoke to a very rude computer while doing so. After I placed the order, I sat through twenty minutes of attempts to get more money out of me, and at that point I knew it was either too late to back out, too soon to back out, or I was going to have to deal with this company again after Christmas.

Today I discovered that I would have to deal with them again. I received a package in the mail today and upon opening it, my heart sank. I had SOMEHOW BEEN SIGNED UP FOR THE PORTFOLIO deal, which entitles me to portfolios of more dollar bills, some nice pictures, and some pretty cool quarters sent out every month.

I feel that I should note that people at a call center are assigned to take multiple calls from multiple companies, which people in the call center like to call "jobs." One person can be assigned any number of jobs. The more jobs you're assigned, the more calls you take in a shift, the less free time you have, the more stressed you get.

After working for an outsourced customer service call center for three months, I immediately understood what had happened. THEY AUTOMATICALLY SIGNED ME UP FOR A FREE TRIAL. I don't know how it's legal, but it's what they did to me, so like any civilized human being, I was pissed. So I decided to do some soul searching on the internet for this company, and ended up finding their customer service number on this site.

I called the number, was on hold for a bit, and spoke to a young guy we'll call Bill. Bill seemed like a cool enough guy. I didn't do too much over-the-phone analysis of him but I understood that Bill was near the end of his work day, he had already received roughly 70 phone calls over the course of five hours, and was ready to go postal on the call center. SO I STAYED CIVIL WITH BILL. Even though it was painfully obvious that he was either new to the specific job, or he just sucked at his job.

In the end, I got Bill to cancel any continuation that may occur, so I should not be receiving any more orders from New England Mint. I also asked how to return the portfolio that I did not order, and Bill was more than happy to give me the return address, which is:

400 Returns Rd.

Wallingford, CT 06494

Also, when returning something, you need to look at the NMMM Account No. For me, this number was located on the bottom left-hand side of my invoice.

When dealing with companies like this,


A little kindness and understanding really does go a long way. Even though it may seem like a company just stole your money.


They've got enough *** calling in all day and complaining to them. Also, their supervisor won't be able to help you any more than the initial person answering the phone.


In most cases like this, you have been signed up for a reoccurring shipment of the company's product, and it's imperative that you cancel ASAP to avoid any more unwanted charges.


The thing that you didn't order could be a nice gift for someone someday.

Hope this helps :)

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National Motor City Mint/New England Mint

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So the motor mint and new england mint are the same thing maybe you seen the yellowstone and grand canyon 2 dollar bill advertise.Anyway I ordered some of the 2 dollar bills as gifts and at check out showed my total of 86.00 dollars.

My account was charged 372.00 and it took awhile to get that back. Now my card was charged like 26.90 and I don't get anything nor did I order anything.

I had to go to the bank and cancel that debit card because if it is a debit card the bank cannot put a stop on it.Anyway both the same place they are rude and definitly CROOKS if they have your card number you need to cancel it and get a new one so it will not be charged.

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